The Friendly Fat Company was created as a response to the difficulty of finding natural and low carb foods with real nutrients when we needed clean and convenient energy to keep performing on top of a busy day. 

The problem is that most on-the-go foods contain way too much sugar, crappy carbs and artificial ingredients. More importantly, they contain no or very small amounts of healthy fats, delivering a poor nutritional product that won’t elevate your performance in any way, but more likely it will degrade our performance. Even the supposed to be “healthy” food is often filled with junk additives and has very low nutritional value. And don't buy the lie that by adding 20g of cheap protein to this would make it any more healthy or functional. To put it simple - there’s too much bullshit going on behind healthy looking labels and creative marketing schemes. We fight for a future where store shelves are filled with real food and healthy fats, and less bullshit such as sugars, crappy carbs and cheap artificial additives.

We made it our mission to fuel people who want to perform at their highest level, both physically and mentally during long and busy days. We provide functional foods and supplements based on essential nutrients from healthy fats and super clean ingredients, always with a minimum of carbs and no sugar or artificial junk. Ever. This gives you sustained energy and focus to be your very best and get shit done.

We believe that the world is a happier place when people are feeling awesome and have access to their true superpowers to create the life they dream of living.